Sotto Bar: Unveiling a Unique Cocktail Experience in Soho with Mixology Maestro Rich Woods aka The Cocktail Guy

Sotto Bar, nestled beneath the luxurious Italian dining paradise of Bocconino in the heart of Soho, is thrilled to announce an exhilarating collaboration that promises to redefine the cocktail landscape of London. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled mixology journey as we team up with the legendary Rich Woods, widely acclaimed as The Cocktail Guy, to bring you an exclusive 'Modern Italian Classics' cocktail menu.

Cocktail Creations Like No Other

Embark on a taste voyage to southern Italy and beyond with our groundbreaking menu, masterfully crafted by Rich Woods. Known for his innovative edge and a penchant for reimagining classic beverages, Woods has conjured a selection that infuses traditional cocktails with audacious Italian twists, ensuring each sip encapsulates the spirit of La Dolce Vita.

Indulge in our meticulously curated concoctions, each designed to delight and surprise. From the zestful Med Martini, blending lemon gin, Lillet Blanc, bergamot, and Amalfi lemon, topped with a Mediterranean Sea spray foam, to the vibrant Blood Orange & Tarragon Spritz, our menu is a celebration of Italy's rich flavours and aromas. Not to be missed is the indulgent Tiramisu Martini, a dessert cocktail that pays homage to Italy's beloved tiramisu, offering a 'Rich' twist on the classic Espresso Martini.

An Enchanting Soho Nightlife Experience

Sotto's inviting interiors, with their chic design and soft lighting, create a cozy yet elegant atmosphere where the night's magic comes alive. Complemented by our resident DJs, who keep the energy up until the early hours, and an array of authentic Italian small plates, Sotto offers an unmatched late-night bar experience in London.

Sotto Bar at Bocconcino Soho
59 Great Marlborough Street, London W1F 7JY

Opening Hours: Friday & Saturday, 7pm – 12am
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