Introducing Sotto, a bar below Bocconcino Soho — where Italian elegance meets speakeasy vibes.

Beneath Soho's bustling streets, Sotto beckons with its dimly lit ambiance, an incredible soundtrack of our resident DJs, a menu of new cocktails and small dishes, exclusive to Sotto.

Meaning 'below' in Italian, Sotto is our new intimate late night bar within Bocconcino Soho restaurant. Slip under the busy dining room, past the bustle of the open kitchen and into a hidden Italian cocktail bar. Think intimate, speakeasy vibes in the heart of the Soho - your new go-to destination for an unforgettable night out.

The bar boasts an impressive lineup of cocktails that pay homage to Italy's rich mixology tradition. Sip on beloved classics or try something unique, crafted by our skilled bartenders who infuse their passion into each drink, with Italian traditions in the heart of it. To accompany your late cravings, Sotto will offer an array of delectable Italian snacks and small bites.

Sotto isn't just a place to enjoy great drinks and food; it's where the night comes alive. Look our for DJ nights - our resident DJ will spin a mix of tunes that will have you grooving in your seat.

Join us at Sotto and savour the night experiencing the magic of an Italian-inspired speakeasy. Sotto Bar is open Friday-Saturday from 7pm until 12am.

Sotto bar is available to be hired for private parties and events, to learn more please email