As the city basks in the welcome warmth of the sun, there’s no finer pleasure than lounging with a chilled cocktail spritz in your grasp. Introducing the epitome of Italian sophistication to the heart of Soho, Bocconcino presents its exclusive "Aperitivo Hour." Receive complimentary Italian-inspired tapas with every spritz cocktail ordered.

Starting from Monday 13th May 2024, this cherished Italian tradition infuses London’s happy hour scene with a dash of Mediterranean flair. Settle into the elegant lounge, counter seating, or step out onto the sunlit terrace, every weekday from 4 to 6:30 PM.

Aperitivo Hour: From Italy to London

Aperitivo Hour is more than just a happy hour; it's a cherished Italian tradition that combines relaxation with gastronomy. As the afternoon wanes into evening, Italians gather to savour light refreshments and spirited drinks, a prelude to dinner but a celebration in its own right. We bring this delightful ritual to London with a touch of Bocconcino charm, ensuring that every sip and snack transports you straight to the terraces of Italy.

Some of the Chef's selection of bites;

Pizzetta (Mini Pizza)

Arancini Mushroom with Truffle and Mayo

Potato Croquette with Saffron Mayo

Chicken Croquette

Padron Peppers

Cocktails in Soho

Delight in the effervescent charm of our Spritz Collection, featuring a curated selection of Italy’s most beloved spritzes. Each creation combines the crispness of Prosecco with the unique flavours of traditional Italian liqueurs. Choose from the Bocco Spritz, a vibrant mix of Mirto, Prosecco, and soda water; the classic Aperol Spritz, synonymous with Italian leisure; the Limoncello Spritz, bursting with the zesty sweetness of Limoncello; or the bold Campari Spritz, with its distinctive bitter edge. Perfect for sipping during our Aperitivo Hour, these spritzes are a refreshing way to toast the end of the day in the heart of Soho.

After Work Drinks in the Lounge

Embrace the relaxed luxury of Bocconcino’s Aperitivo Hour after work in the lounge or on the terrace. Book a table or simply walk in to enjoy Aperitivo Hour every Monday – Friday from 4pm to 6:30pm. Tables on the terrace are available on a first-come first-serve basis.

Terms and conditions apply. Aperitivo hour is designated for drinks bookings up to a maximum of 6 people. Complimentary bites follow a minimum order of one alcoholic spritz cocktail and are subject to the Chef's selection and availability. Please inform us of any dietary requirements at least 24 hours in advance to ensure availability.