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 Nestled in the heart of Mayfair, Bocconcino is one of the most luxurious authentic Italian restaurants in London. Step away from the bustle of Berkeley Street & into a stunning space that will transport you & your guests to the gorgeous climes of Italy with our traditional Italian cuisine, first class service & beautiful selection of fine wines. Using the freshest, finest ingredients our talented Chefs will amaze & astound your guests, adding that extra special essence of Italy to any occasion or event.

Our Menu

 Our menu offers simple Italian classics balanced with a touch of contemporary flair; with an excellent range of antipasti and modern main courses from the diverse regions of Italy. Larger dishes include an array of fresh and sexy fish & seafood, catch of the day, and meats cooked over an open fire adding a beautiful flavour. Perfect wood fire pizzas are made on site daily by our team of pizzaiolos and cooked traditionally with signatures including Pizza Bocconcino - our speciality with stracchino, mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and Parma ham. Ingredients are key to recreating the authentic flavours of Italy, and all our produce is directly imported and locally sourced to bring you only the best and freshest ingredients.

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And if you walk along the fashionable Knightsbridge or Belgravia Square (for some time also known as "Red Square"), or Mayfair, especially around Berkeley Square, the centre of the so-called "Golden Mile", where most of our filming took place - then you'll come across the recently opened Bocconcino restaurant by Michail Gokhner and the rather well-known Novikov, by the way, is not the only restaurant in London owned by Arkady Novikov (his wife’s salon is only a few miles away), as well as there is Hedonism Wine Store by Eugene Chichvarkin that became a noticeable part of the landscape.