19 february 2020

Are you a self-proclaimed seafood guru? Do you enjoy an occasional oyster and bubbly combo? Then it's time for you to try your hand at oyster shucking with 'The Oyster Lady' at Bocconcino!

The Oyster Academy's first ever professional training course is happening in London on 2nd March at Bocconcino. Come to learn skills, history, culture and gastronomy of this sustainable industry which will equip you for both business or pleasure.
With over twelve years of experience in delivering Masterclasses, ‘The Oyster Lady’ will provide an insightful, educational and engaging experience for amateurs and industry alike to enjoy in the heart of Mayfair. If you want to try your hand at oyster shucking, book your place right now here !
Bocconcino prides itself in having top quality seafoods delievered straight from the market and displayed in the restaurant every day to please each customer's craving. Book your table now to experience our 7 course tasting menu filled with the exceptional flavours of the sea!

Tel: 020 7499 4510

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