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White Truffle Season is Here

White truffle is considered to be one of the rarest and most exclusive ingredients in the world, only available for a very limited time each year. Italian cuisine is the best and most obvious choice to try truffle dishes as the ingredient is local to the area. Even a bit of white truffle adds a special earthy flavour with a pungent aroma to any dish.

If you’re looking for a restaurant to eat truffle in London this autumn, look no further. One thing you must try when dining with us is the aromatic and flavoursome truffle! Here in Bocconcino we take pride in our truffle dishes all year around but we are especially excited about the white truffle season when we can experiment and bring you even more dishes filled with these heavenly goods that we freshly import from Italy.

Our truffle dishes come covered in a generous fistful of truffle shavings. You can try our house truffle dishes now with white variety, including truffle pizza and truffle tagliatelle with truffle shavings and oil, adding that deliciously pungent flavour to your meal. From starters like Beef fillet tartare with hazelnut, truffle and cream cheese to pasta dishes like Handmade ravioli of prawns and seabass with truffle, you will be amazed how the presence of white truffle transforms the dish. In our truffle filled menu you will certainly find a dish to satisfy your white truffle craving. Do you know that you can order truffles shaved over pretty much anything you please? We will happily add it to any dish you’d like to fancy up.

If you're looking for even more sophisticated truffle dishes, you'll fall in love with our new Truffle Specials Menu we are launching this month! It will be filled with white truffle shavings and oozing with truffle oil, everything to satisfy your every indulgent dream.

This highly prized gourmet ingredient is just waiting to be shaved over pastas, pizzas and more!

Rich with flavour, this musky buttery fungus even more when paired with an elegant wine. Just ask our staff and they will gladly help you pair up your buttery fungi filled dish with the perfect wine.

Join us this October at our stylish Mayfair restaurant for a cozy lunch or a fun dinner and let us warm you up during the gloomy days with our rich selection of this delicious white fungi goodness.

Have a look at our menu and be sure to book your table in advance. 

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